Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Japanese Manholes Uncovered

Only in Japan are covers for sewage designed so beautifully that they now make manhole cover trading cards! John Daub from ONLY in Japan visited the Nagashima Imono Casting Factory to see how the manhole covers are designed and built.

Via PfRC

Cat City

Cat City by Victoria Vincent tells the story of a runaway cat who gets an apartment, a job and a life on his own - until things go wrong.

Cat City from victoria vincent on Vimeo.


Persuasive Cartography

“The Silver Dog With the Golden Tail,” 1896. Map, 20×26 cm.
P. J. Mode Collection, Cornell University Library.

“Persuasive cartography" is a term for maps (like the one above) intended  to influence opinions or beliefs rather than to communicate geographic information. More than 500 maps have just been added to the P. J. Mode Collection of Persuasive Cartography at the Cornell University Library.

Via The Map Room

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

DIY Reusable Food Wrap

A few years ago I bought reusable fabric wraps infused with beeswax and jojoba oil to use instead of cling wrap or foil. They eventually lost their waxiness because I used them so often. They were very affordable and I was impressed with Abeego, the Canadian company who makes them, so I would probably order from them again.
But, if you are a DIY type, this post at Apartment Therapy gives easy instructions on how to make your own.

Vintage Style Dock Transforms Your iPhone Into A Mac Classic

Design company Elago has created this charging dock that will take you back to the 90s.